We go above and beyond

At A Beautiful View, we bring you over 25 years of window-cleaning experience.

Jon Geiman, Founder

Having grown up in a rural community in the midwest, I was introduced to the rewards of working a farm at a young age. Many tasks that we did were not "if we could", but "how we could". Sometimes that required being creative and industrious. This experience instilled within me a high value for doing something well, and right... the first time. With a loving passion for what we did, we did everything with quality and excellence.

As the owner of A Beautiful View, my commitment to my customers is for every job to be completed with the highest levels of quality. We want to have an even higher standard of excellence than even our clients do.

To us, a job is never complete unless you are 100% happy with the work we've done.

The Man in the Hat! Jon came out and cleaned our windows and did a spectacular job. Who would think you would need some expertise to clean windows, but apparently you do. Jon was able to get hard-water spots off some of our windows that others could not. After the windows were cleaned we truly did have a beautiful view, at a great price. Thanks Jon.
— Jason R.